Notary Public


Requirements & process:
- Physical Presence: The signer(s) being notarized must be present at the time of the notarization.
- ID: The signer(s) must have photo ID that covers the names shown on the document. ID has to be government issued one with photo, signature such as driver license, State ID, passport,...
Unacceptable IDs: Bank Card, Social Security Card, Sam's Club Card...
- Signature: Signature must match the signature on the ID. We will not notarize if the signature does not match your presented identification.
- Document Is Ready and Printed: You must have the document in your possession, reviewed by the signer and printed. Also, we are not allowed to provide any legal advice or comments.
- The Name on the Document vs. Name on ID:  Make sure the name on the document is spelled correctly and has your name in the right section(s).
- Witnesses: We do not provide a witness. 


The booking fee accommodates for the technology used to comply the recent change in notary public strict book keeping, with all records required being kept for 10 years.